Primates Academy of China Founded in Northwest University

The founding conference of Primates Academy of China, also the High-level Forum of Primates Research of China, was held in the field research base of rare animal protection and development. The conference was co-organized by the College of Life Sciences of NWU, animal research center of Shannxi Province and Academy of Zoology of Shaanxi Province. More than 50 members from universities, scientific research institutions and related protection organizations, attended the founding conference.

Li Baoguo, professor of Northwest University, presided over the founding conference. Li Ming, secretary general of the Instutite of Zoology attached to Chinese Academy of Science and researcher of the Animal Research Center of Chinese Academy of Science, announced the letter of certification signed by President Tetsuro Matsuzawa of International Primatological Society to agree on the accession of Chinese Primate Academy into the member of International Primatological Society. All the people present passed the regulation of the academy and elected the council members. Professor Li Baoguo was elected director of the council. Li Ming, researcher of the Research Institution of Animal of the Academy of Science, Su Xuelong, researcher of the Research Institution of Animal of the Academy of Science in Kunming, Su Yanjie, professor of Beijing University and Professor Li Jinhua of Anhui University were elected as vice-directors. The establishment of Primates Academy of China marks a new era of Chinese primate research in the international arena.