Spring Festival Celebrations Held in the Confucius Classroom of Northwest Nazareth University

On the afternoon of February 22nd, the Confucius Classroom co-built by Northwest University and Northwest Nazareth University held a grand 2015 Spring Festival Party in local public activity center together with Idaho Chinese Association. More than 600 local people and students watched the party and celebrated the Spring Festival together. The Chinese embassy counselor of the US Zhang Yi and the American dean of the Confucius Classroom gave welcome speeches and greetings, and they also introduced the Confucius Classroom of Northwest Nazareth University to the public to encourage them to learn Chinese. Students practiced and performed energetically with strong interest in Chinese culture, and their brilliant performances, especially Chinese ancient costume show and Tibetan dance won much applause. Local Students got a chance to have a close contact with Chinese traditional festival, costume and history through this activity, and they developed friendship with Chinese people. There was also a New Year Celebration video made by the Confucius Classroom at the party. Outside the meeting place, some teaching achievements, Chinese textbooks and cultural items were exhibited and enrollment leaflets were made to promote the newly-established Chinese class in Boise, the capital of Idaho. This new class would start in the middle of March in Boise to satisfy the need of the local people to learn Chinese and know more about China. This was the first Chinese learning class facing the whole society in the capital of Idaho. What’s more, there was a Chinese traditional teaching activity named “Make a Gift, Say a Blessing” in every teaching school, and teachers taught the students to make handicrafts and say blessings related to the Spring Festival. To make this activity more attractive, the teachers introduced the origin and customs of the Spring Festival, and organized some handicraft classes for students of different ages. More than 800 students participated in this activity to celebrate the Spring Festival together.