The Inaugural Meeting of Literature, Journalism and Art Branch of Northwest University Alumni Association in Beijing

On the afternoon of January 25th, the inaugural meeting of literature, journalism and art branch of Beijing alumni association and 2015 Spring Festival Sodality was held in Beijing Normal University. Alumni in different areas from School of Chinese Literature, School of Journalism and Communications and School of Arts attended the meeting, along with alumni from other branches in Beijing and officials of Northwest University and some departments. The meeting was hosted by Wei Hongru, vice-chairman and secretary general of Northwest University Alumni Association in Beijing. The first session of council of Literature Journalism and Art Branch was also elected. Chairman of the branch Wang Baoming, vice-chairmen Professor Ni Wendong, professor Niu Hongbao and He Yuren made speeches. Vice-chairman and secretary general Li Junfu who was the Master of Arts in 1993 read the gratulatory letter and telegram from Beijing Alumni Association, General Alumni Association of Northwest University and other branches. What’s more, the executive vice-chairman of Beijing Alumni Association Zhou Mingquan read the official reply to the setting up of the branch and put on record to General Alumni Association of Northwest University. He also made a summary in which he hoped the entire alumni could give full play to the role of the branch and reveal the cultural charm to get together for a better future at the premise of friendship and unity.