University Leadership Appointment and Removal Assembly Held at NWU

The University Leadership Appointment and Removal Assembly was held on Taibai campus in the forenoon of September 16th. Tian Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Party Construction Office, Chen Naixia, Director of Cadres Department of the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee, and Xu Wenxue, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Provincial Higher Education Committee attended the Assembly. The Assembly was hosted by Li Zhongwei, the Secretary of the Provincial Higher Education Committee.   Chen Naixia announced Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee’s decisions on appointment and removal of NWU leadership members: Wang Yajie to take up the post of NWU Party Secretary, Jia Mingde to take up the post of NWU Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President, Qiao Xueguang to be removed from the post of NWU Party Secretary and Li Hao to be removed from the post of NWU Vice President.   Qiao Xueguang showed his firm support to the decisions made by Provincial Party Committee and sincerely welcomed Wang Yajie and Jia Mingde to join NWU. He also retrospected his work and life at NWU, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the affirmation of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, the trust and help of the University leadership members, the tolerance and understanding of the University cadres as well as the solidarity and effort of the University faculty, staff and students. He showed that he would continue his concern for the development of NWU and make continuous contributions to the construction of NWU.   Wang Yajie said that he would be resolute to trust and rely on the concern and support of the Organization Department of provincial party committee and the Higher Education Committee of provincial party committee towards NWU, be resolute to trust and rely on the cohesive power and effectiveness of the NWU leadership, be resolute to trust and rely on the love and devotion of the faculty and staff towards NWU. He declared that he would stay focused on the political and university orientation, so as to plan and implement the University’s development strategy; he stated that he would take the lead, improve internal unity and adhere to the democratic, collective and scientific decision- making; he also said that he would fully support the works of other members of the University leadership, carrying forward the fine tradition of solidarity and innovation. He further expressed that he would stay focused on reform and innovation, in the spirit of simplicity, constructing NWU to be a high level research university with distinctive features.   Li Hao showed his thanks to the tolerance, understanding and support of the provincial party commission and NWU, showing that he would work unswervingly in both teaching and research, so as to make more contributions to the University.   Jia Mingde said that he felt lucky to be able to return to the field of education and devote himself to his alma mater. He said he would soon adapt to the new role and make every effort to do his job well.   Tian Xiaodong then delivered a speech by stating “four hopes” to the University’s leadership and cadres construction. The University leadership should deepen the understanding, fortify the awareness, solve the problem and take the responsibility of constructing NWU into a top university.   On behalf of NWU leadership, Guo Lihong expressed his resolution to adhere to the provincial party committee and showed his heartfelt thanks to the support of provincial party committee towards the construction of NWU leadership and development. He also showed his warm welcome to Wang Yajie and Jia Mingde, expressing his respect and thanks to Qiao Xueguang and Li Hao. He said he would firmly carry out the requests of provincial party committee, together with staff and students, pushing forward NWU development.   Li Zhongwei summarized the Assembly that he hoped the whole faculty and staff could study and understand the spirit of the speech addressed by Deputy Director Tian Xiaodong, integrate realities with practice and further push forward NWU development.   All the leaders, members of the CPC committee, the Discipline Inspection Commission, the Academic Board and the University Union, academicians, heads of all Administrative Offices and Schools, professors, NPC representatives and CPPCC members above municipal level, heads of democratic parties and overseas Chinese federation attended the Assembly.   Office of International Affairs September 16, 2015