NWU Top 10 News: 2015

1. “National Civilized Unit” Awarded to NWU

On Feb. 28, 2015, NWU was awarded “National Civilized Unit” by Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee, as the only university recommended by Shaanxi Province. This is another landmark achievement in the field of the construction of spiritual civilization after Prof. Hou Boyu was awarded “National Role Model” in 2012. Meanwhile, NWU also won the honorable title of “Special Contribution Unit”, awarded by Xi’an Municipal Government. 2. NWU Leadership Adjustment Conducted by Provincial Party Committee NWU leadership adjustment was conducted in March and September by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee. WangYajie was designated as the Member, Standing Member and Secretary of the University Communist Party Committee. Guo Lihong was designated as the Member, Standing Member, Vice-secretary of the University Communist Party Committee and President. Jia Mingde was designated as the Member, Standing Member and Vice-secretary of the University Communist Party Committee and Vice-president. Sun Guohua was designated as Vice-secretary of the University Communist Party Committee. Li Bangbang was designated as the Member, Standing Member, Discipline Commission Member and Secretary of the University Communist Party Committee. Zhuo Yu was designated as the Member and Standing Member of the University Communist Party Committee and Vice-president. Wang Zhengbin was designated as the Standing Member of the University Communist Party Committee and Vice-president. 3. “The Three Guidelines for Ethical Behavior and the Three Basic Rules of Conduct” Theme Education Steadily Promoted According to the unified arrangement of Central Government, Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Higher Education Committee, NWU Communist Party Committee had conducted the theme education among the university senior cadres since May 2015. On Sep.23, Mao Wanchun, the Standing Member and Minister of Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee, came to the University to inspect the conducting of the theme education and delivered an important address, speaking highly of the University’s theme education. 4. Provincial Governor Lou Qinjian Visited NWU and Delivered Situation Analysis Speech  On December 3, Lou Qinjian, Shaanxi Provincial Governor and Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, visited the University and delivered a situation analysis speech to NWU faculty, staff and students. He highly praised the construction and contribution of the University’s advantageous disciplines such as geology, history and economy. He mentioned that the Province will offer all the advantageous resources and efforts to NWU, guarantee the sustainable improvement of the University’s competitiveness and construct the University into a first-class university with first-class disciplines. 5. NWU, NWPU and Xidian University Cooperate to Train Undergraduates On May 13, NWU signed an agreement with NWPU and Xidian University aiming at co-training undergraduates, sharing educational resources, forming inter-university cooperative teaching mode and establishing “Bian Jiacun Alliance”. With the deepening of education and teaching reform, two high quality national video open courses had been taken online. An applied technology pilot unit for undergraduate transformation and a provincial university MOOC incubating center had been approved. Two provincial talent cultivation pilot zones and one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center had been approved. Apart form those achievements, 5 provincial teaching groups, 4 high-quality teaching material, 11 provincial excellent courses and 11 provincial teaching awards were awarded. 6. NWU Identified as an “Education Supervision, Independent Schooling and Professional Evaluation” Separation Pilot Reform University In Oct., MOE issued a notice regarding identification of pilot units for carrying out education supervision, independent schooling and professional evaluation separation reform. 12 units nationwide were selected as pilot units, among which NWU was the only university identified as the pilot unit. As the deepening of overall reform and the drafting of the “13th Five Year Plan” for undertaking development pushing forward, NWU key field reform blue point and discussion draft for “13th Five-Year” undertaking development had been finalized. The University’s ability in schooling management achieved a new level, forming the innovative system of “one statute eight regulations”. NWU also cooperated with Provincial Propaganda Department in optimizing the construction of School of Letters and School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 7. The University Steadily Increases Its Ability of Science Technology Innovation In 2015, NWU had received 85 National Natural Science Funds and 22 National Social Science Funds, including three significant tender projects of NSSF, two major projects of NNSF and one international cooperative project of Ministry of Science and Technology. NWU won two philosophy and social science research outstanding achievement awards, one achievement popularizing award of MOE and one Chinese Best Publication Awards. Additionally, NWU won one first-class award of science and technology and four first-class awards of philosophy and social science outstanding achievement awards. The rate of paper citation by SCI, EI and CPCI-S has increased by 24.8%, comparing with previous year. The University’s ability in serving national strategy and regional development strengthened constantly, shouldering 15 national-level projects and 9 ministerial-level projects regarding Silk-Road Economic Belt research. Guan Xue Wen Ku, the national significant publication program of “12th Five Year Plan”, has been published.  8. A Batch of Teachers Won the National and Provincial Awards  Geng Guoha was selected as famous tutor of “Ten-thousand People Plan”. Zhang Xingliang was awarded the title of “National Advanced Worker”. The innovation team headed by Zheng Xiaohui and Duan Kangmin gained lasting support of MOE. Zhang Qizhi won the “Nathon International Confucius Award • Outstanding Tutor Award”. Lai Shaocong won the “Li Siguang Geology Science Award”. Fan Daidi won the “Min Enze Energy and Chemical Industry Award” excellent contribution award. Wu Biao won the “Liu Dagang Excellent Youth Science and Technology Award”. Wang Zhongfu won the “Zhang Shuzheng Sugar Science Excellent Youth Award”. Long Xiaoping and Guan Ziyu were financed by National Excellent Youth Science Fund. Wang Qiang was selected by National Colleges and Universities Excellent Youth and Middle-aged Teachers Selective Supporting Program in the field of political theory courses. Academician Zhang Guowei won the first Shaanxi “Fundamental Research Significant Contribution Award”. Guan Zhenghui won “Chinese Chemical Society Youth Chemistry Award”. Liang Zhongmin was selected as Tutor Ethics Model of Shaanxi Province. Cao Rong, Qian Yaopeng and Zhang Zhiyong were selected as provincial famous teachers. 9. NWU Prof. Yue Yu’s Paint Presented to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as National Gift    On May 14, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Xi’an. Buddha’s Shadow painted on Bodhi leaf originated by NWU Prof. Yue Yu was presented to Prime Minister Modi as a national gift. Prime Minister Modi shared this paint on his Weibo, illustrating with Chinese Characters “will cherish it forever”. In June, Prof. Yue Yu’s hand-painted Buddhist painting and book Dharmat and Ishvara --Eighteeen Arhats Status was delivered to Prime Minister Modi though diplomatic channels. Prime Minister Modi spoke highly of the book and delivered his thanks through Indian ambassador to China. During Prime Minister Modi’s visit in China, NWU Prof. Li Li’an and other scholars were invited to translate Prime Minister Modi’s handwriting, which gains extensive attention from home and abroad. 10. New Look of Chang’an and Taibai Campus In 2015, faculty and staff apartments on Chang’an campus were opened for occupancy. Facilities such as transportation, hospital, K-12 education, domestic water and environmental greening were gradually furnished. Three student apartment buildings, west canteen and west court were established as well. More than 30 campus infrastructures’ reformation and environmental renovation projects, including the lecture hall of library, lecture hall of Cuiyuan Hotel and student apartment, etc., were successfully completed.   Office of International Affairs January 18, 2016