Governor Lou Qinjian delivers a Speech on the Current Situation at NWU

Lou Qinjian, governor of the Shaanxiprovince, delivered a speech on the current situation on December 13th . He briefed NWU teachers and students on the situation ofShaanxi economic and social development from the 12th five-year as well as the 13th five-year plan. He interpreted the current situation and talked about future, encouraging the youth to integrate their personal ideals into the development of our country. He expects them to care aboutShaanxi, loveShaanxi, supportShaanxi and co-create a bright future of the province.    Lou Qinjian first talks about NWU. Boasting of a long history, NWU made a tremendous contribution to the northwest region as well as the country, in terms of promoting economic and social development. He points out that Shaanxikeeps a good momentum through the past five years’ endeavor. It is estimated that the economy growth rate reaches 11% per year, and the average annual income of urban and rural residents grows by 11.5% and 14.4% respectively, which gains a complete success on the 12th five-year plan, making Shaanxi rank into the developed provinces. During the 13th five-year plan, we will fully implement the spirit of the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of CPC, persisting on developing key industries such as high energy chemical industry, electronic information, new energy automobile, aerospace and aviation, and tourism. We shall prioritize innovation, ecological environmental protection and poverty alleviation through development to fully build a moderately prosperous society. Lou Qinjian gives full affirmation to the development and contribution made by disciplines such as Geology, History and Economics. He expects that we maximize our strengths to better support NWU’s building of first-class university in order to increase NWU’s sustainable competitiveness. He states that NWU should fully grasp strategic opportunity to improve faculty development, scientific research and social services. He interacts with teachers and students at present, responds to the issues with shared concerns. In terms of the innovation and entrepreneurship, Lou Qinjian said thatShaanxicontains abundant scientific and educational resources, shouldering great responsibilities such as building comprehensive innovation reform experimental zones, self-innovated demonstration zones and the like. We will further streamline administration and institute decentralization to build up more service platforms, providing a favorable environment for entrepreneurs so as to realize their vitality.  Lou Qinjian also shares insights on life with students and encourages them to stick to their beliefs without the fear of hardship or frustration.      Accompanied by Wang Yajie, Chairman of NWU university council, and Guo Lihong, President of NWU, Lou Qinjian then visits NWU’s history museum. After that, student representative fromSchoolofLife Sciencepresents a butterfly specimen towards Lou Qinjian which was collected and executed in Qinling.   Office of International Affairs December 13th, 2015