Successful completion of the 28th Black Beauty Art Festival

The 28th Black Beauty Art Festival of NWU was held in Chang’an Campus on June 9th. Li Bangbang, member of University Standing Committee and Secretary of Inspection Commission, and directors of related departments attended the art festival. It began with the classical dance Along the Silk Road. The dance is created in the background of the Tang Dynasty, presenting profound history of the Silk Road and Chinese charm of openness and tolerance. The modern drama Youth centered on the authentic context of college students counselor, presenting the story of the confused and unsophisticated young college students. The Festival is closed with a graceful folk dance of Dai nationality named Mountain Spring from Union of Folk Culture, bringing the audience to the mysterious south.  Li Bangbang extended his appreciation to the hard-working teachers and students preparing for Black Beauty Art Festival. He reviewed the history of Black Beauty since her founding in 1987 and listed many domestic and international achievements the festival has been awarded. He pointed out that Black Beauty Art Festival has led the campus culture development, and provided a chance for NWU teachers and students from generation to generation in introducing the spirits of NWU, namely Equality, Honesty, Diligence and Simplicity. Meanwhile, it helped to keep faith and beliefs of students, to form fine academic atmosphere, to learn professional knowledge, to enhance practice and to strengthen team spirit. He proposed moral influence, intellectual development and aesthetic education in the future development of the Black Beauty Art Festival. The drama named Many Knots in the Heart firstly combined psychotherapy with drama to reveal the mentality and emotion of university students, utilizing the art approach in this year’s Black Beauty. It was performed in Northwestern Polytechnic University and received unified praise and Special Innovation Award, because of its unique charm in presenting the original college drama. Flying to the Moon received Biggest Fans Award. Mud on the Radish received Best Play Award. Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Flying to the Moon, Resurrection, and Youth gained Excellent Play Award. Meng Jie, majoring in Radio and Television Director at theSchool ofLetters has received Best Director Award. Shi Ge, specializing in Chinese Language and Literature at theSchool ofLetters gained the Best Scriptwriter Award. .Xue Yibo fromSchool ofJournalism and Communication 2013 and Zhang Yumeng from theSchool ofLetters received the Best Actor and Best Actress Award respectively. Sha Haibo from theSchool ofJournalism and Mass Communication, and Fan Xuying fromSchool ofLetters received Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively. Fan Xuying was also awarded the Most Popular Actress Award.