NWU Academician Zhai Mingguo Wins HLHL Prize for 2015

On November 4th, the HLHL Prize Award Ceremony for 2015 is held in Beijing. Zhai Mingguo, Academician of NWU and Director of National Key Laboratory on Continental Dynamics, wins the HLHL Prize in Geosciences. The HLHL Foundation comments that Mr. Zhai Mingguo, as a leader in Precambrian Geology and Metamorphic Geology Research, has great influence both in and abroad. The focus on adjacent areas in North China & Eurasia finally have made systematic research achievements on some frontier scientific issues like “formation and growth of the early continental crust”“structure and composition of the early land”“continental mineralization evolution” and the like. His views on multi-stage growth of the early continental crust and theoretic model on paleoproterozoic initial plate tectonics and craton crust structure have a significant impact in the world. His team is also an excellent research group in the geological field of the world. HLHL Foundation was created in 1994 by four financiers and patriots of HK, namely He Shanheng, Liang Qiuju, He Tian and Li Guowei. It aims to award distinguished scientists of China to improve the innovation and progress of Chinese scientific technology. Over the 20 years, 1147 excellent scientists were awarded. 920 scientists of them were awarded the Prize of Science and Technology Progress by the foundation. By its authority, scientificity and credibility, it wins great international appraisal. Academician Zhai Mingguo graduated from NWU in 1976 majoring in Geology, and then became a teacher in NWU until 1979. At the same year, he enrolled as a postgraduate student at Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS. In 1982 and in 1989, he received bachelor and doctoral degree respectively. In 1999, he was employed as an adjunct professor. He had been chosen as academician of CAS in 2009 and employed as the director of National Key Laboratory on Continental Dynamics in 2010. Office of International Affairs November 4th, 2015