An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture English Edition Launching Ceremony Held at NWU

On October17th, the English Edition Launching Ceremony of An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture, authored by Mr. Zhang Qizhi was held at Northwest University. Professor Zhang Qizhi is NWU’s honorary president, renowned historian and historian of thoughts. Fang Guanghua, Deputy Mayor of Xi’an, Wang Yajie, Party Secretary of NWU, Wang Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of Xi’an Municipal Propaganda Department, Wang Yong, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Wu Hao, Director of Humanities & Social Sciences of FLTRP and Executive Dean of Silk Road Research Institute of BFSU and Li Yan, Executive Editor Representative of Springer Group attended the ceremony. NWU President Guo Lihong hosted the ceremony. Mr. Zhang Qizhi gave a brief introduction of the related information about An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture and made a keynote speech on “Chinese Culture Going Out”. The mighty internal repairability of Chinese culture allows itself to stretch for thousands of years. Nowadays, China has shown increasingly powerful political and economic influence in the international arena and so as Chinese culture’s attraction and appeal towards foreigners. Following the direction of “Chinese Culture Going Out” strategy, did this English edition be launched. Fang Guanghua, Wang Xiaofeng and Wang Yong delivered speeches afterwards. Wang Yajie pointed out that “Chinese Culture Going Out” strategy plays a dominant role in opening wider to the outside world and realizing socialist cultural development and prosperity. In order to implement this strategy, Chinese academic translation projects and academic exchanges are carried out to promote outstanding achievements and talents in the field of philosophy and social sciences to be known by the world. The launching of such English edition promotes the spread and influence of excellent traditional Chinese culture. Guo Lihong expressed that he hopes to see more social scholars fostered at NWU and more outstanding achievements be produced to be known at home and abroad, so as to contribute wisdom and strength for Chinese culture’s reaching out to the world. He specially mentioned that October is the month of Mr. Zhang Qizhi’s birthday. On behalf of the University, he expressed his sincere wishes to Mr. Zhang Qizhi. An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture is a classic elaborating the five-thousand-year Chinese civilization. It is a book expounding Chinese culture and history as well as a golden key that links foreigners to the brilliant Chinese civilization and history. The successful launching of the English Edition of An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture takes a great leap in promoting Chinese civilization to reach out to the world in the field of humanities and social sciences.   Office of International Affairs October17th, 2015