Northwest Nazarene University Vice-President Visited NWU

On December 9th , Northwest Nazarene University Vice-President Dr. Burton J. Webb visited NWU. NWU Vice-President Jia Mingde met the delegation, along with heads of Office of International Affairs and School of International Cultural Exchanges.

During the meeting, both parties exchanged views on the development of Chinese major at NNU. Jia Mingde said both universities should make full use of the Confucius Institute as a platform. NWU is willing to offer teaching resources to help NNU establish Chinese major. NWU also welcomes outstanding Chinese major students come to take non-degree courses at NWU. Dr. Webb spoke highly of NWU Chinese teachers’ effort in establishing CI and also thanked NWU for its help in the establishment of Chinese major. He specially introduced Micron, a semiconductor enterprise with its headquarter located at Boise, Idaho State, USA. Its Xi’an branch is one of the biggest foreign invested enterprises in Shannxi Province. To date, NNU CI has trained a large number of its employees, their Chinese language and culture background prepared them to be able to better work in China.

Both parties also discussed issues on students and staff exchange and the future development of the CI. After the meeting, the delegation visited NWU museum.

Office of International Affairs

December 9th , 2015