New Mexico State University delegation of America visited NWU

From 28th June to 2nd July, the director of School of Mathematics from New Mexico State University, Professor Joseph Lakey along with alumni of Northwestern University, Professor Wang Huitong and Tian Jianjun visited our university. They had a symposium with the teachers and students of School of Mathematics here, a series of academic reports were delivered later. On the afternoon of 30th June, Vice-president Gaoling met with this delegation. Main officials of School of Graduates, Office of Science and Technology, Department of Development Planning and Cooperation, Office of International Affairs, School of Mathematics attended this conference. Vice-president Gaoling introduced our university’s history, comprehensive characteristics, development status and our achievements based on the geographical advantage. Mr. Gao highly appreciated the achievements reached by our alumnus from different fields. He also praised the cooperation between School of Mathematics and Professor Wang Huitong and Tian Jianjun. He hoped that this visit could push forward communications between teachers and undergraduates from both sides, as well as postgraduates training and scientific research etc. Director Joseph lakey thanked the warm welcome from our university. Firstly, he introduced New Mexico State University, and gave a specified description of their faculty and exchange students towards China of School of Mathematics. He strongly agreed our advice that we could exchange teachers and students as well as substantial research collaboration. Two alumni also thanked the hospitality of our university; they also introduced their cooperation status with Sichuan University, Donghua University etc. At last, both sides discussed the details of cooperation between these universities and reached a preliminary consensus. New Mexico State University is a history-honored public university, it was established in 1888, and the main campus is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico State. It is a comprehensive university composed by 11 schools. At present, there are around 30 thousand students at school. In 2015,it ranked 181 among American universities according to US News National Universities Rankings. Throughout U.S.A., its astronomy study ranked top 5, aeronautic and astronautic major ranked top 20, agronomy study ranked 5, education study ranked 18. So far, there are 5 graduates majored in mathematics of Northwestern University went to New Mexico State University to study their PhD degree.