Guo Lihong and Li Bangbang visited and bade farewell to graduates in dormitory

With deep concerns and best regards to college graduates of 2015, on the morning of June 30th, president Guo Lihong, member of the university Party Committee and secretary of university Discipline Inspection Commission Li Bangbang who were invited by students of Num. 5412 dormitory from college of life science, went to the dormitory and bade farewell to graduates of 2015. There are six male students in Num. 5412 dormitory from college of life science. Two of them were recommended for postgraduate, one past the postgraduate entrance exams, two became high school teachers in grass-roots unit, and the rest is keeping on revision for next postgraduate entrance exam. In this dormitory which is not large, university leaders sat with these six graduates and asked each student’s feeling of their four-year study and life, the results of job hunting and postgraduate entrance exam, teaching situation of talent training base class as well as graduation process. When president Guo heard students complained the poor living conditions in dormitory of Taibai campus, he said “After hearing your feedbacks, I was much moved. You are going to leave your old university with sentimental emotions. Actually, the university’s condition has improved a lot compared to my time, but the improvement of hardware is comparatively slow. Your forgiveness and understanding of the hardware environment will inspire our university to boost the speed of improvement. New administration group promise you that the infrastructure construction of new campus will complete within 13th Five-Year Plan and we will try hard to further improve each kind of facility. By that time, every teacher and student can completely devote into the cultural construction and developing our own characteristics, and no longer bothered by unpleasant dormitory, working and teaching conditions.” The students reviewed their college life with president Guo in a relaxed and harmonic atmosphere, they told Mr. Guo their rich experience in taking apart in discipline competitions, field practices, university activities, voluntary services, and also put forward advice and suggestions on university teaching, administrating, and serving fields. In the conversation with students, Li Bangbang expressed that university will seriously accept the advice and suggestions, solve the problems students put forward, and actively improve students’ living and studying conditions. He also hoped that students of Northwest University (NWU) could adhere to the university motto “Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and Simplicity”, win glory for Northwest University and add brilliance for youth. The graduates expressed their appreciation to NWU’s cultivation and education in the past four years, and will remember and practice the sprit of Northwest University in any time and anywhere. They will never forget that they are one of the students of Northwest University. In their future life, they will constantly make progress and win more honors for NWU and make more contributions. After this talk, two university leaders took photos with the graduates and hand-printed together on the handprint wall which was elaborately prepared by students. President Guo Lihong represented the university to give each student a book named “Illustration book of Northwest University’s history in the past 110 years” with regards written by president Guo personally. These words were the sincere blessing for those students who are going to different places. The students also presented the biological samples to two university leaders as gifts, so as to express their gratitude to NWU and teachers.