Three professors of Northwest University won Provincial Teaching Masters Awards

Recently, Shaanxi Education Department announced the result of the Ninth Teaching Masters Selection in Shaanxi Colleges and Universities. Three professors were rewarded the prize, and they were professor Cao Rong in School of Public Management, professor Qian Yaopeng in School of Cultural Heritage and professor Zhang Zhiyong in School of Information Science and Technology. Up to now, there was one teaching master of National 10000 Talents Programme, 4 national teaching masters and 26 provincial ones. They fully demonstrated the passion and professional virtue of teachers in Northwest University and their awards were great affirmation to the teaching jobs. Northwest University would start from Teaching Masters of Shaanxi Universities Guiding Project to establish and perfect the mechanism of cultivation, selection and working of teaching masters. They should put all their hearts to help other teachers to devote themselves into teaching job to promote the teaching level of Northwest University. The faculty should learn from these teaching masters to enhance the innovative consciousness and dedication to improve the teaching quality and talent training level.