Four textbooks compiled by Northwest University won the Prize of Excellent Textbooks of Shaanxi Universities

Recently, the result of the 2015 Excellent Textbooks of Shaanxi universities was published and four Textbooks Compiled by Northwest University were selected. Among the four books, Crystal optical and Petrology and Data structure-Described by the C Programming Language won the first prize, and the other two named Modern advertising and Ecological Planning-Theory, Method and Application won second prize. Textbook is the important carrier of teaching content and teaching method, and it is also the guarantee to deepen reform of education and teaching and innovative talents training. Textbook construction is always highly valued in Northwest University with preferential policy in teaching project construction and teaching results evaluation.  Incentive mechanism is established to fully arouse the initiative of teachers to compile textbooks. Up to now, 57 textbooks compiled by Northwest University were selected into national planning project of textbooks construction, and 24 textbooks won the Prize of Excellent Textbooks of Shaanxi Universities, what’s more, many textbooks were published by high level presses such as Higher Education Press and Science Press. To lay a solid foundation of talent training and improve the quality of teaching, Northwest University will expand textbook construction, support teachers to continuously renew the teaching contents, promote the combination of textbooks construction, specialty construction, reform of teaching methods, supplementary teaching resources construction and practical teaching system.