School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education (SCE), which prior to 2008 was known as theSchoolofAdult Education, aims to explore and develop efficient approaches to adult education. Over years of consistent consolidation, SCE has developed into a multi-level, multi-form and multi-channel operational unit. SCE adheres to the ideology that “quality determines survival, distinctiveness drives development”. The operational pricinple of SCE states that it should “tailor to needs, take advanatge of distinctiveness, enhance management, and secure quality”. By actively adapting itself to the increasing needs of the local economy and social development, the SCE seeks to conduct teaching reforms, standardize school operations and give importance to enhancing the competence of students. Through years of painstaking efforts, the SCE currently boasts a renowned reputation, a number of achievements and awards which include the “Excellent School of Continuing Education” award and the “Excellent School for Adult Education” award granted by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, to name but two.