Institute of Photonics and Photon Technology

Institute of Photonics & Photon-Technology of Northwest University was established in 1997, and Shaanxi Province Key Laboratory of Photoelectric Technology is affiliated to it. In 2010, Shaanxi Province and Ministry of Education co-operating National Key Laboratory (Culture Base) of Photoelectric Technology and Functional Materials was built. The Institute develops long-term scientific research in field of optics which includes Photophysics, Photobiology, Photoelectric Technology and Functional Materials, etc.. The main research directions are: 1. Transient optical and ultrafast process: mainly about measurement, amplification and compression of femtosecond laser pulses, propagation properties of ultrashort pulse and its nonlinear effect during interaction with materials, etc.. 2. Biophoton technology: mainly about the measurement of cell signal transduction, ultraweak luminescence of organism, super fast process of photobiology and photochemistry, etc.. 3. Photoelectron technology and device: mainly about the exploration of new optoelectronic technologies, the research and application development of all-solid-state high-power laser and transient photonic devices, etc.. 4. Optical functional materials: mainly about nanomaterials preparation and its photoelectric properties, nanomaterials optical display and quantum computing, etc..

Brief Introduction of Professors

Xun Hou, CAS member, famous optoelectronics expert and outstanding representative in field of transient optics and optoelectronics. He devoted himself to research on photoelectron emission materials and rapid photoelectric device, and developed a series of electro-optical and photoelectric high-speed camera, which were successfully applied in China’s first nuclear test, underground nuclear test and laser fusion. Jintao Bai, professor, PhD director, engages in researches on laser theory and experiment, and enjoys outstanding achievements in high power all-solid laser and fiber laser. He undertakes more than 20 national and the province department level scientific research items, published more than 40 papers cited by SCI in recent years, and is awarded 17 national patents. Zhaoyu Ren, professor, PhD director, engages mainly in theory and experiment of optical function materials and laser technology and device, achieved remarkable successes. She joins and in charge more than 10 national and the province department level scientific research items, received 8 invention patents and 12 utility models, published more than 30 papers cited by SCI.