Institute of Chinese Thought and Culture

The Research Institute for Chinese Thought and Culture, Northwest University Established by the famous historian and thinker Hou Wailu (1903-1987), the Research Institute for Chinese Thought and Culture of Northwest University used to be known as the “Research Center of Chinese Thought”, but grew to become the “Research Institute for Chinese Thought and Culture”, which came under the direct control of the university in 1986. Professor Zhang Qizhi is the inaugural and present director of the institute. The Research Institute forms a national and provincial key discipline, as well as a key base for colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province. The research fields covered by the Institute are the General History of Chinese Thought, the History of Chinese Confucianism, the History of Neo-Confucianism in the Song and Ming Dynasties, the History of Recent and Modern Chinese Thought and Academics, the Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Philosophical Thinking and Culture, and the History of Chinese Religious Thought. The research team is composed of 9 people: 4 professors, 3 PhD supervisors, 2 associate professors and 3 lecturers. The main publications of the Institute are Culture China (quarterly), Proceedings of Chinese Thought (Journal), and Western Humanities Series.   Tel: 0086-29-88302849 Email: