The Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

The Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (IMES), entitled "The Institute of Islamic Countries" initially, was established in 1964 as one of the first institutions on international problems established in China and had the present title in 1978. IMES is divided into 4 sections, namely Middle Eastern History, the Middle Eastern Economy, the Religions and Culture of Middle East, and the international Relations in Middle Eastrespectively. In the past twenty years, IMES has always practiced the following research rule: "To combine the studies of history with those of contemporary situation, with the focus on the current problems of the Middle East; to combine research with teaching, with the focus on research".  At present, there are one doctoral program and one master program of World History, three master programs of Special History (Religious History), International Relations and Religious Studies.  These programs cover three fields, i.e., History of Middle East, Current Problems in Middle East, Religious History (mainly Buddhism and Islam, including Chinese Islam).  In 1995, with the agreement of the state, a postdoctoral program in Historic Studies was established.  Now the IMES is a provincial key institution. In the institute there are 14 full time staff members, 12 of whom are researchers, 2 administrative staff; 4 full professors and 3 associate professors. IMES is the top institution in China in the studies of Middle East history, and the main works published are A General History of Middle East Countries ((2000-2007, 13 volumes), A History of Arab Countries (2002, Reference Book for Graduate Students Nationally Recommended by the Ministry of Education), A History of Middle East in the Twentieth Century (2001, Reference Book for Graduate Students Nationally Recommended by the Ministry of Education), etc.  And Prof. Peng Shuzhi is the most famous scholar in IMES. Till now, IMES has successfully nurtured 63 PhD students and 100 MA students. It remains to be the earliest and most important institution inChinain nurturing talents in Middle Eastern studies.   Tel: 0086-29-88302834 E-mail: