Research Center of West China Economic Development

Research Center of West China’s Economic Development (hereinafter referred to as Research Center) at Northwest University was set up in January, 2000 in accordance with “Plans of Building Key Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Institutions of Higher Education” which was issued by Ministry of Education. Implementing the spirit of restructuring scientific research, the Research Center is a research institution with modern operational mechanism. It grew out of the 1986-founded Institute of Economics at Northwest University, whose first director is the eminent economist Pro. He Liancheng. Thereafter, many famous scholars served in the institute as directors or part-time researchers, including Wei Jie, Zhang Weiying, Zhang Shuguang, Liu Shijin and Zou Weidong and so on. Then it was officially listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the one hundred key research bases of humanities and social sciences. It is at present also the only research base that aims at studying the economic development of west China among the 143 key research bases. The main purposes of the Research Center are to give full play to the advantages of cross-linked subjects in the comprehensive Northwest University; to congregate the high-ranking government officials, experts, who continuously concentrate on west China’s social and economic issues, and scholars from School of Economics and Management, School of Public Administration, School of Urban Resources and Environmental Sciences, Department of Applied Social Sciences and School of Culture and Museology and so on in Northwest University; to organize a research team carrying important programs; to implement management system and operational mechanism featuring “Open Institution, Floating Faculty, United Inside and Outside and Competition & Innovation”; to team-study and co-explore significant theoretical and practical problems concerning west China’s economics; to provide the government with references of formulating relevant policies and to offer enterprises with consultations on scientific management and decision-making. Structural establishment of the Research Center is as follow: Pro. He Lianchen, the famous economist, is the director of the academic committee; Pro. Ren Zongzhe, the vice-president of Northwest University and the Ph. D supervisor, is the director; and Pro. Yao Huiqin, the Ph. D supervisor, is the deputy-director of the standing committee. The Research Center embodies an office, the Western Information and Material Center and six research institutes (Institute of Economics for Development in West China, Institute of Evaluating and Analyzing the Competitive Power of Western Provinces’ Economic Development, Institute of Economic Development and New Country Building in Western Counties, Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development in West China, Institute of Growth and Development Strategies of the Western Enterprises and Institute of Chinese Economic Ideas and Modern Enterprise Culture). Now it has 15 full-time researchers and 14 part-time researchers. Objectives of the Research Center are as follow: to make studying on western economic development and serving the western region development as its missions; to invite tenders of key research subjects from colleges and universities all over the world; to cohere all research forces that focus on social and economic problems during west China’s development; to build the Research Center as the research center which is based on academic frontiers and concerns itself with socio-economic development in west China, as the information-releasing center of analyzing economics’ situations of the west, as the think tank of aiding governments of all levels to make great decisions, and as the service center of providing business administration and project consultancies to the western enterprises.