Zhang Guowei

Prof. Guowei Zhang, male, born in city of Nanyang, Henan province,in 1939. Graduated from Department of Geology, Northwest University and was employed as a teacher in 1961. He is now an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Institute of Orogenic Geology of Northwest University, chairman of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics and Sixth Academic Committee of Northwest University. In addition, Prof. Zhang is chairman of Earth Science Teaching Guidance Committee and Geological and Geophysical Professional Education Committee, honorary member of the Geological Society of China, member of Chinese Lithosphere Committee, and special advisory committee member of the Government Decision-Making Advisory Committee. He also is an editorial board member and/or associate editor of over 10 journals such as Science in China, Geological Review, Geological Journal of China Universities, and Acta Geologica Sinica and so on. Prof. Zhang has long been engaged in the fields of structural geology, Precambrian geology, orogenic geology, basin-mountain relationship and oil-gas basin structure. He has successively led more than 10 major and key research programs supported by the NNSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) and various ministries and corporations and other 30 projects supported by the NNSFC, Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Sinopec (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation), CNPC (Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation) and so on as well as international corporation projects. He has been invited to do research, give lecture and pay visit in the USA, Britain, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iran and other countries. Prof. Zhang has achieved in a series of results in orogenic geology, Precambrian geology and basin-mountain relationship, specifically in the studies of the Qinling orogen and surrounding oil-gas basins and the Central Orogenic System, early Precambrian geology of the southern margin of North China Block and the Qianan area in east Hebei, comparison studies between major orogens at home and abroad as well as continental dynamics. He has had 6 academic works, the Qinling Lithospheric Maps in Chinese and English versions and over 300 papers published. His achievements have been recognized by 8 academic awards including a second prize of the National Natural Science Award, a first prize and second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. He has been elected to be a national expert with outstanding contribution in 1986, a national outstanding teacher in 1989, a winner of special government allowances of the State Council in 1991, a model worker in science and technology of Shaanxi province in 1995, an national excellent worker by State Council in 2000, a national teacher ethics model and moral model of Shaanxi province in 2004 and a title of model worker on teaching of Shaanxi province. Tel (Fax): 029-88303531(O); E-mail: gwzhang@nwu.edu.cn