Shu Degan

Degan SHU, member (fellow) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of paleontology and evolutionary paleo-biology at Early Life Institute of Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, PR China. Born in Hu’nan Province of PR China in 1946. Graduated from Peking University in 1969, received his Master Degree in Northwest University in 1981 and PhD in China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 1987. Post-doc work as a Humboldt fellow in Germany 1988-1989 and 1994-1995. Cheungkung (Changjiang) scholar in China 1999-2012. He is interested in Evolution and as a senior author translated 《Origin of the Species》(by Ch. Darwin) into Chinese with a long “Introduction to Origin of the Species” and “Review on Top Ten Hypotheses in Evolution”. He has published a series of works on Cambrian Explosion and the famous Chengjiang Fauna, including 12 papers in Nature and Science, which leads to discovery of the Early Cambrian “Vendobiont” Stromatoveris(see publication No.3 below), the Earliest-known vertebrates “the First Fish” (Order Myllokunmingiida, which includes Myllokunmingia, Haikouichthys, Zhongjianichthys) (publs. No.6,8,13)and other early deuterostomes (publs. No.1,4,5,7,10,11,14,17,18), including a new Phylum Vetulicolia. Based on finding of a nearly complete family of early Cambrian deuterostomes from Chengjiang Fauna, he has proposed a new hypothesis on the nature of Cambrian Explosion (publ. No. 2).

His major publications are as follows:

1. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, Z.-F. Zhang and J. Han (2010) The earliest history of the deuterostomes: the importance of the Chengjiang Fossil-Lagerstätte. Proc. R. Soc. B 277, 165-174. 2. Shu, D., (2008) Cambrian explosion: Birth of tree of animals. Gondwana Res. 14, 219-240. 3. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, J. Han, Y. Li, X.-L. Zhang, H. Hua, Z.-F. Zhang, J.-N. Liu, J.-F. Guo, Y. Yao and K. Yasui (2006) Lower Cambrian Vendobionts from China and Early Diploblast Evolution. Science 312, 731-734. 4. Shu D. (2005) On the Phylum Vetulicolia. Chinese Science Bulletin 50(20), 2342-2354. 5. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, J. Han, Z.-F. Zhang and J.-N. Liu (2004) Ancestral echinoderms from the Chengjiang deposits of China. Nature 430, 422-428. 6. Shu, D. (2003) A paleontological perspective of vertebrate origin. Chinese Science Bulletin 48(8), 725-735. 7. Shu, D., Simon Conway Morris, Z. F. Zhang, J. N. Liu, Jian Han, Ling Chen, X. L. Zhang, K. Yasui, Yong Li (2003) A New Species of Yunnanozoan with Implications for Deuterostome Evolution. Science 299, 1380-1384. 8. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, J. Han, Z.-F. Zhang, K. Yasui, P. Janvier, L. Chen, X.-L. Zhang, J.-N. Liu, Y.Li and H.-Q. Liu (2003) Head and backbone of the Early Cambrian vertebrate Haikouichthys. Nature 421, 526-529. 9. Shu, D., Chen, L., Han, J. & Zhang, X-L. (2001) Chengjiang Lagerstatte and earliest-known chordates. Zoological Science 18, 447-448. 10. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, J. Han, L. Chen, X.-L. Zhang, Z.-F. Zhang, H.-Q. Liu, Y.Li and J.-N. Liu (2001) Primitive deuterostomes from the Chengjiang Lagerstatte (Lower Cambrian, China) Nature 414, 419-424. 11. Shu, D., L. Chen, J. Han and X.-L. Zhang (2001) An Early Cambrian tunicate from China. Nature 411, 472-473. 12. Shu, D., J. Vannier, H. Luo, L. Chen, X. Zhang and S. Hu (1999) Anatomy and lifestyle of Kunmingella (Arthropoda, Bradoriida) from the Chengjiang. fossil Lagerstatte (lower Cambrian; Southwest China). Lethaia 32, 279-298. 13. Shu, D., H.-L. Luo, S. Conway Morris, X.-L. Zhang, S.-X. Hu, L. Chen, J. Han, M. Zhu, Y. Li and L.-Z. Chen (1999) Lower Cambrian vertebrates from south China. Nature 402, 42-46. 14. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris, X.-L. Zhang, L. Chen, Y. Li and J. Han (1999) A pipiscid-like fossil from the Lower Cambrian of south China. Nature 400, 746-749. 15. Shu, D., X. Zhang and L. Chen (1996) New advance in the Study of the Chengjiang fossil Lagerstatte. Progress in Geology of China (1993-1996), 30th IGC, 42-46. 16. Shu, D. and X. Zhang (1996) Kuamaia : An early Cambrian predator from the Chengjiang fossil Lagerstatte. J. of Northwest University 26, 27-33. 17. Shu, D., S. Conway Morris and X.-L. Zhang (1996) A Pikaia-like chordate from the Lower Cambrian of China. Nature 384, 157-158. 18. Shu, D. X. Zhang and L. Chen (1996) Reinterpretation of Yunnanozoon as the earliest known hemichordate. Nature 380, 428-430. 19. Shu, D. and Chen Ling (1991) Palaeobiogeography of Bradoriida and Break-up of Gondwana. IGCP 321: Proceedings of the 1st Intern. Symposium, 16-21. 20. Shu, D. (1990) Cambrian and Early Ordovician “Ostracoda” (Bradoriida) in China. Cour. Forsch.-Inst. Senckenberg 123, 315-330.