Guo Qi

Guo Qi was born inLeshan City,SichuanProvince in July 1917. He studied atChengduNormal Schooland graduated from the Department of Literature,SichuanUniversity. He joined the Vanguard of National Liberation and the Anti-Japanese and National Salvation Movement in 1936. Later, he went to Yan’an in 1938, studying at theMilitaryUniversityfor Resisting Japan and the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He was ordered back toSichuanto join the cultural movement and the student movement led by an underground party, and then joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1939. After studying at the Youth Cadre School in Yan’an in 1940, Guo held many important posts, including the Secretary-General of Central Finance and Economics Department (currently CFEC) in 1941;  Research Fellow at Research Office of Economics, Academia Sinica in 1941; Teacher at Suide Normal School in 1942; Officer and Deputy Director of Propaganda Department at the Southwest Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Chief and Office Director of School Education Section (1946-1954); Officer of the Higher Education Section, Propaganda Department of CCCPC in 1954; Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Northwest University in 1957; Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Vice and President of Shaanxi Normal University in 1960. He was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. In the summer of 1977, he was assigned toNorthwestUniversityand was appointed Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Northwest University in June 1978. In March 1982, he resigned the post of President and served as a fulltime secretary of the Party Committee and President of Northwest University in 1982. His other important titles include President and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences; Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Philosophy; Honorary President of the History of Tang Dynasty Research Society; Chairman of the Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles; Member of the Shaanxi Provincial Advisory Committee of the CPC. Guo passed away in September 1990.