Campus Network

Contemporary Education Technology Center (CETC) was formed with Campus Network Center and Audio-Visual Education Center in 1999 and has been a professional unit under the direct supervision of university. The main duties of CETC are to draw up the overall campus network plan, develop and service the campus network, manage and maintain campus websites, advance campus informationization, improve networking teaching and studying environment, develop education resources, propel modern distance education. CETC has a staff of eighteen now, including one professor, three senior engineers and ten engineers. There are five master degrees or above holders, eight on-job enrolled graduate students. The centre obtained the right to grant master degree for education technology in 2006, and the recruiting graduates started in 2007. CETC is consisted of integrated service office, campus network management office, development of informatization and application office, internet education and distance education office and modern education technology research institute. CETC has modernized online live room which can be utilized for give lecture by experts and scholars, academic exchanges, technical training, demonstrating of new technology, etc., and professional recording and broadcasting room which can be used for recording nonesuch courses, all kinds of speech contests, etc. All buildings in the three campuses have joined together by campus network, and the access points have reached 16,000. The three-tiered campus structure network with 10Gbps of core, 1000Mbps of gathering and 100Mbps desktop access has 500Mbps and 1Gbps IPv4/IPv6 connection with CERNET and CERNET2 respectively, which offers dual-stack services based on IPv4 and IPv6 to campus users. The CETC always pays much attention on theory research of modern education technology, application research and development of network application technology. Up till now, members of CETC have about 40 research papers published in domestic and foreign academic journals for years, at the same time, they have also developed about 40 special topic website, including the homepage of Northwest University, and several application systems based on campus network. Members all have had the spirit of unity, co-operation, reality and enterprise. They devote themselves to build a safe, healthy, practical and convenient campus network platform in order to develop Northwest University to become a research university.