Symposium on Current Middle East Situation and “the Belt and Road” Construction Held at NWU

Recently, a symposium on current Middle East situation and the “Belt and Road” construction, co-hosted by Chinese Society of Middle East, Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership, School of History and Institute of Middle East Studies, was held at NWU.

Jia Mingde, vice chairman and vice president of NWU, was present at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 50 experts and scholars attended the seminar, including experts from Institute of West-Asian And African Studies. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Tel Aviv University of Israel, Renmin University of China and People’s Daily.

Mr. Jia Mingde welcomed all the experts and scholars from home and abroad, introduced research achievements on “Belt and Road” field, and expressed his hope that the symposium will be able to serve as a window for academic exchange in Middle East studies. Professor Eyal Zisser, vice president of Tel Aviv University of Israel, made a speech on “Syrian Civil War under the Shadow of New Cold War”. During the two-day seminar, experts and scholars had an in-depth discussion on “the new change of Middle East situation centered in Syria” and “the relation between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Middle East.