The Second teacher training Course for Dounganes Teachers of Chinese Held at Northwest University

From August 4 to 8, 16 Dounganes teachers of Chinese from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan participated in the training course and attended the 2016 Chinese Teaching seminar.

The training program was hosted by Central Asia Institute, which integrates various forms such as classroom teaching, traditional culture lecture and field practice. In addition, these teachers of Chinese visited the places of historical interests including Shaanxi History Museum, West Gate of City Wall, Muslim Quarter and Yuanjiacun folklore village to experience the typical Shaanxi life style and feel the charm of hometown.

During the training, Dounganes teachers of Chinese attended the 2016 NWU Chinese Teaching seminar held by School of International Cultural Exchanges. At the closing ceremony, Dounganes teachers expressed their appreciation for the effective training and the great efforts made by NWU. The head of School of International Cultural Exchanges congratulated everyone for the successful completion of the two-week training program, and also hoped that they could nurture more outstanding students with excellent language command of both their native tongue and Chinese to shoulder the responsibility as culture ambassadors and international talents to better serve the development of Silk Road Economic Belt in the future.

The Dounganes Teacher Training Program is an important platform to promote cultural exchanges between NWU and Central Asia region, which could enhance talent development in Silk Road Economic Belt and further  promote the all-round cooperation among countries along the Silk Road.