The 23rd Cross Strait College Student News Camp Run at Northwest University

On Aug. 23rd, the 23rd Cross-Strait College Student News Camp was opened at Northwest University. Wang Dongmei, Secretary of China Journalists Association; Xue Baoqin, chairman of Shaanxi Journalists’ association and Li Bangbang, member of Standing committee of the Party, NWU attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Dongmei says at the opening ceremony that the news camp has set up a good brand image among teachers and students across the Strait, enhances the mutual understanding , and particularly it opens a window for Taiwan young people to understand the development in mainland and the future development trend on both sides. After the opening ceremony, campers listened to the lecture entitled “A talk on Shaanxi Culture Value from the perspective of Culture” given by professor Li Hao at NWU.

This Cross-Strait event has been held for 22 years under the guidance of the Information Office of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Nearly 1700 college students from journalism schools across the Strait have joined in the event including around 800 students from most of the key schools in Taiwan. During the News Camp, various activities have been carried out including theme discussion, university visits, lectures, media visits,  journal writing and scenic spot tours which enhanced the trust and understanding on the future generation of journalists across the Strait.