NWU Organized Teachers and Students to Visit Universities in Europe and America

During summer holiday, an exchange program was organized by NWU to visit key universities in the U.S and Europe, which enables the teachers and students participated to experience local culture by lectures, visits and other events.

The U.S. exchange program was co-hosted by Northwest Nazarene University, NWU’s friendly university in the United States. The whole program lasted for 25 days and 41 students and teachers joined the program. All teaching courses in this program was conducted in Northwest Nazarene University. Dan Nogales, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and other professors gave lectures on subjects including English language, American education, culture, history, science, sports, etc. Besides, NWU teachers and students also visited several of the world’s top universities, such as Princeton University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Washington, Seattle, and also visited renowned places of natural beauty and historical interest, which helps them to have a deeper understanding of local customs and practices.


The China-Austria-Europe Summer School program l;astyed for 29 days and 6 students participated in the program. This summer school program was hosted by Europe-Asia Pacific Academic Union (EPU), which organized lectures on European culture, art, history and philosophy in places including Vienna, Salzburg (Austria), Heidelberg (Germany), Bologna, Venice, Florence (Italy), Reims, Strasbourg (France), and Prague (Czech), and arranged visits to the historical cities, which provided an opportunity and a platform for students to understand the economy, culture, history, local customs, and China-Europe relations.