The First Belt & Road International Friendly Cooperation Forum of Microfilm Held at NWU

The first Belt & Road International Friendly Cooperation Forum of Microfilm and its signing ceremony, which was jointly organized by microfilm committee of China Film Association, Shaanxi Film Association, Beijing Asia Film & Television Production and Distribution Co. Ltd, the Executive Committee of Xi’an Silk Road International Film Festival and NWU, was held in Xi’an On Sep. 21. Jia Mingde, Vice president of NWU, attended the forum and delivered a speech on behalf of organizers.

At this forum, Serge Losique, Chairman of Montreal International Film Festival, Su Yantao, chairman of Chinese American Film Festival, Andre Morgan, American film producer, and Amerian director John McTiernan, and Gao Chunfang, chairman of China-France Film Festival and other  attendees had an extensive discussion around the topic of international microfilm cooperation. The forum participants reached a consensus on resource sharing, works exchange, and commendations on the basis of friendly cooperation. Meanwhile, a joint proposal was signed, which opens a new chapter of exchange and cooperation in terms of micro films and network movie.

Micro film is a new form with high innovation and extensive influence. The developing international cooperation between microfilms and new technology will bring microfilm production to a higher level. This new art form will act as a voicing of China’s soft power to be spread to Silk Road countries by taking the innovative form of microfilm, network movie and VR (virtual reality). Jia Mingde received an interview of CCTV Live News. The forum was also reported in media coverage by Xinhua Net, Shaanxi Daily, China Film News, Shaanxi Media Network and other media.