Journal of Northwest University Celebrates Its Centennial

The Centennial Celebration of Journal of Northwest University, and the Seminar on the Innovation and Development of Academic Journals were held on Taibai Campus on December 21, 2013. Scholars from all around the country gathered together to celebrate the centennial of West China’s earliest university journal and discuss the innovation and development of academic journals. The celebration was hosted by NWU Vice President, Prof. Chen Chao. After the speech delivered by the Chairman of NWU Council Prof. Qiao Xueguang, Academician Prof. Shu Degan, Prof. Dang Shengyuan, Prof. Ge Chengyong and Prof. Zhang Yongqing made keynote speeches. Present at the Celebration were heads from the Propaganda Department of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, China Periodicals Association, China Redactological Society, Society of University Journals (Humanities and Social Sciences), Society of University Journals (Natural Sciences), Society of Shaanxi University Journals, NWU Council Vice Chairman Prof. Huang Jianmin, Vice President Prof. Li Hao and over 100 guests. Heads of Journal Editorial Department introduced the development path of the Journal at the celebration. Scholars attending the seminar highly praised the significance of   Journal of Northwest University, as it has absorbed the essence of both ancient Chinese academic heritages and modern Western academic influence. Moreover, the Journal has been following the tradition of adhering to the academic integrity, spreading the spirit of humanity, serving the scientific research and promoting the social progress. In the afternoon, the Editorial Department chaired the Seminar on the Innovation and Development of Academic Journals, during which a series of reports were given by Yu Yang, chief editor of Xinhua Digest, Zhang Yuhua, researcher of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Li Junlin, Deputy Editor of Renmin University Books and Information Center, Zhu Jian, chief editor of Journal of Nanjing University (Social Sciences Edition), and Chen Jianping, Director Assistant of CUAA, etc. Founded in 1913, Journal of Northwest University was the earliest comprehensive university journal in west China. During the centennial development of the Journal, scholars and scientists such as Kang Youwei, Lu Xun, Xia Yuanli, Luo Zhanglong, Yang Zhongjian, Xue Jiehuan, Zhang Bosheng, Gao Hong, Zhang Qizhi, Peng Shuzhi, He Liancheng, Shi Qizhen, Zhang Guowei, Shu Degan, Zhai Guoming, etc., had sparkled their great minds on the Journal. To date, the Journal has published academic papers of 80,000,000 words. These academic achievements have widely spread the research results of NWUers and other scholars, and promoted academic exchanges between China and abroad. Since the Reform and Opening-up, the Journal has stepped into a new phase of unparalleled development. With efforts of more than 30 years, the Journal has formed its unique characteristics and greatly improved its overall quality. Since 2000, Journal of Northwest University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) has been accredited as one of the National Core Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences, China Core Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Source Journals of CSSCI (Chinese Social Science Citation Index) by Peking University, Nanjing University, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), etc. In the Third Evaluation of Chinese Academic Journals, the Journal was entitled the RCCSE Authority Journal by Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation, ranking 31st among 647 comprehensive journals of social sciences. Journal of Northwest University (Natural Science Edition) has been accredited as the Core Journal of China Comprehensive Science and Technology Journals, CSCD, etc. In April 2013, the Journal was entitled the RCCSE Core Journal by Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation, ranking 29th among 352 comprehensive journals of natural sciences. An academic forum with the theme of “Face to Face with the Editors and the Writers: Writing, Submitting and Publishing of the Academic Papers” was held by the Editorial Department on December 19, which attracted over 270 graduate and Ph. D. students.