The first 2015 admission letter and undergraduate scholarship of excellence was granted

On the morning of July 15th, a group led by university officials went to Qianxian First Middle School to deliver the first 2015 admission letter of Northwest University and 10,000 RMB undergraduate scholarship of excellence to Wang Te, who was the top candidate in Qianxian county. The said students won the 297th place in college entrance examination in Shaanxi Province. Vice principle of Qianxian First Middle School Guo Dangguo and party secretary Liu Liwu attended the award meeting. At the meeting, vice president of NWU Wang Zhengbin briefly introduced Northwest University and economic base class of School of Economics and Management. Guo Dangguo introduced the process of Qianxian First Middle School being a provincial demonstrative middle school and praised the effort of Wang Te in study. Member of University Standing Committee and Secretary of Inspection Commission Li Bangbang encouraged Wang Te to cherish the chance and work harder in the “Cradle of Economists”, endeavoring to be the outstanding economists such as NWU alumni Zhang Weiying, Liu Shijin, Wei Jie and Zou Dongtao. Wang Te visited Northwest University twice, and he said: “During my three years in high school, I regarded Northwest University as my aim which has come to my mind several times. Now, I know my endeavor is worthy it. I am grateful to Northwest University for her acceptance, and I will improve myself to be better. I will try my best to realize my dream. It was known by then that the early admission had finished and Wang Te was the first freshman who was qualified to win the scholarship after the implement of The Reward Approaches for Excellent Undergraduates in Northwest University. He will enjoy free tuition in national talent education base class, 10,000 RMB admission scholarship, top scholarship after enrollment, the same offer as graduates in library services, privileges to go abroad studying, to upgrade to direct graduate studies and other talents education programs. The Reward Approaches for Excellent Undergraduates in Northwest University was the newly revised policy to award excellent freshmen and attract more top students. At the meeting, there was also an opening ceremony of NWU Base for Excellent Undergraduate Candidates, jointly-established between Northwest University and Qianxian First Middle School. Up to now, Northwest University has built 49 Base for Excellent Undergraduate Candidates in 9 provinces or municipalities.