Shaanxi Daily Reported NWU’s Complete Flow Scheme Technology of CCUS

On October 23rd, an article entitled Shoulder our responsibility when coping with climatic change- Shaanxi took the lead to master the Complete Flow Scheme Technology of Carbon CaptureUtilization and Storage in China reported the achievement of the complete flow scheme technology of CCUS initiated by professor Ma Jinfeng from NWU Department of Geology by Shaanxi Daily. The article pointed out that the project “Key technology of CO2 Geological Storage” is one of programs of the National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program) of China. It is jointly carried out by Northwest University and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, and Professor Ma Jinfeng is in charge of the whole project. After more than 3 years scientific research and tackling the key problem, it has solved a series of problems of CO2 capturetransportation, utilization and storage in hypotonic and tight oil field. This is the first demonstration project of complete flow scheme of CCUS in China. The project marks Shaanxi Province’s achievement as the first province in China mastering the CCUS complete flow scheme technology. It not only has significant meaning in raising the oil productivity of Ordos Basin which has low-porosity and hypotonic oil, but also set an example of promoting the utilization efficiency of energy and resources, reducing carbon emission, protecting the environment and realizing sustainable development. In June, “Jingbian Oil field CCS Project” based on this research program passed the oral defense of International certification organization CSLF and became internationally certified CCS complete flow scheme research project. This is the first certification awarded to a developing country since the organization was founded in 2003, it also means China has got a worldwide “passport” for this project. This article elaborated the broad industrialization prospect of this technology and great significance for the economic and social development of our province. As Canada Weyburn CCS Project’s only university partner in China, NWU will enrich its technique and experience through the cooperation. At present, the world community is making international ISO standard for CCUS based on the Weyburn Project. In order to give play to its regional and discipline advantage, NWU, based on its NWU-UTSC Global Warming and CS Research Center, is integrating different disciplines and promoting the research and teaching to respond to the climate change and make its contribution to the provincial climate change strategy. Report link     Office of International Affairs October 23rd, 2015