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Northwest University is Selected for the Ministry of Education of China’s “101 Plan” in Economics and Chemistry

Recently, the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Repulic of China held a work promotion meeting for the 101 Plan series in basic disciplines and an achievement exchange meeting for the 101 Plan in Computer Science in Beijing. The first batch of universities selected for nine disciplines was announced, with our university successfully entering the 101 Plan for Economics and Chemistry. Led by Professor He Aiping, our 101 Plan Political Economy Course construction was notably included. Our university ranked second in Shaanxi Province and 29th nationwide in the number of disciplines selected.

Political Economy is one of the ten core courses prioritized in the first batch of the Ministry of Education of The Peoples Republic of China’s 101 Plan for Economics. This course, along with the 101 Plan Virtual Teaching and Research Office for Political Economy, is co-led by Professor He Aiping from Northwest University and Professor Liu Fengyi from Nankai University. Political Economy, a significant component of Marxism, aims to provide students with a comprehensive, systematic, and standardized understanding of the basic theories and methods of Marxist Political Economy through course instruction. This foundation is essential for the study of other professional courses. Political Economy is also a traditional strong discipline of the School of Economics and Management at Northwest University. Professor He Aiping has previously received approval to host the first batch of National Excellent Resource Sharing Courses and the first batch of National First-Class Undergraduate Courses.