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NWU organizes the 5th International Cultural Festival

On May 30th, the Fifth International Cultural Festival of Northwest University was held on Changan Campus with the theme of Integrating the Multiple Cultures, Composing a Chapter of Exchange.

The International Cultural Festival is divided into two parts: cultural exhibitions and cultural performances. In the 37 different countries pavilions, international students enthusiastically introduced their national costumes, folklore, artwork, food, music, etc. to visitors. The cultural exhibitions demonstrated the cultural characteristics and local customs of the world. Chinese and foreign teachers and students from China, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and other countries vividly presented the wonderful collision of diversified cultures from all over the world through traditional dances, modern dances, martial arts, songs, poems and costumes of different countries, bringing a refreshing audio-visual feast to the audience.