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Meeting held for the Prevention and Control of the COVID-19

On the morning of January 24, NWU held a meeting on the Taibai Campus concerning the prevention and control of COVID-19.

At the meeting the directive issued by the Ministry of Education on how the education system might help to prevent and control the COVID-19 was shared. Also disseminated was an urgent guidance document from Shaanxi Provincial Office of Education on effective prevention and control of the disease, followed by specific arrangements regarding epidemic prevention and control for the university.

President Guo Lihong emphasized the need to strengthen the sense of responsibility and to pay close attention to the safety and physical health of teachers and students. Afterwards, he put forward definite requirements for prevention and control. First, great importance should be attached to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Second, work arrangements should be earnestly implemented. Third, propaganda and education about methods of preventing and controlling the disease should be displayed at residential areas to inform the university staff.