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Vice Governor Xu Datong Inspects and Investigates the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 among Foreign Personnel at NWU

On the afternoon of February 19, Xu Datong, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, extended his regards to foreign experts and international students at NWU, and inspected and investigated the prevention and control measures against COVID-19.

On behalf of the university, President Guo Lihong reported the state of overall anti-epidemic work at NWU, detailed the population size of foreign personnel at NWU and within Shaanxi Province, as well as specific measures taken to reinforce prevention and control, implement accurate monitoring, and enhance logistics support. Xu Datong had congenial exchanges with representatives of foreign experts and students about their studies and living conditions and was reassured that they have more than adequate support for their study and daily lives during the outbreak of COVID-19. He said that under the strong leadership of the Chinese central government, according to the directive issued by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, effective and scientific prevention and control measures have been taken. Based on the principles of openness and transparency, the situation of the epidemic will be reported to the public in a timely manner so as to allay people’s concerns. He added that at present, Shaanxi Province is sparing no efforts in epidemic prevention and control. He hoped that all foreign students studying in Shaanxi would remain confident and extended his wish that they all make progress in their studies, lead happy lives, and remain healthy during their stay within the province.

NWU representatives of foreign teachers and experts held up hand-made posters emblazoned with “Go, China! Go, Wuhan! I Love China”. They expressed their gratitude to leaders of different levels for their care. They were reassured that on the basis of the joint efforts made by Chinese government and the society, victory was assured in the battle against the epidemic.