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Video Meeting held to Promote Co-operation Between NWU and the University of Salento, Italy in NWU-Salento University of Italy Co-operation on Establishing a Joint School

        On the afternoon of May 7, a video meeting was held on NWU Changan Campus with the University of Salento, Italy to bid for the establishment of a joint school course. Fabio Polis, President of the University of Salento, came face-to-face with Guo Lihong, President of NWU, to further communicate on the bidding for the setting up of this venture. The meeting was attended also by the Vice-Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the University of Salento, the Chinese head of the Co-operation Project, the relevant heads of the School of Cultural Heritage and the School of Arts, etc. The meeting was presided over by the head of the NWU International Co-operation Department.

At the meeting, President Guo Lihong extended sincere greetings to President Fabio Polis and expressed his concerns about the epidemic situation in Italy. He pointed out that NWU and the University of Salento have already laid long-term foundations for cooperation, and the application work for the Sino-Italian school has been steadily promoted under the joint efforts of the two universities, with full confidence in the success of the institution.

President Fabio Polis praised highly the co-operation and friendship between the two universities. He said: “In this period full of uncertainty, we have not hesitated; when everyone has been pressed the pause button, we choose to move forward; When things are sealed off, we remain open to each other; when the domestic friendship becomes estranged from each other by distance, you who are far away in China let us feel the warmth of friendship.”

       The University of Salento attaches great importance to its co-operation with NWU. The joint bidding for a the school is an international co-operation program that Fabio Polis has been dedicated to push forward since he was appointed President of the University of Salento. He is endeavoring to try his best to ensure the venture receives approval.