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The Opening Ceremony of Class 2020

On the morning of September 17th, the opening ceremony and military training mobilization meeting of class 2020 were held in the central square of Chang'an campus of Northwest University. President Guo Lihong delivered the welcome speech, and Lv Jianrong, Deputy Chairman of the University Council, shared the message from Wang Yajie, Chairman of the University Council, to the freshmen. Wang Yaoyu, the vice president, read out the commendation decision of the freshmen. Guo Lihong presented awards to four students, including Tian Haonan, who won the award for outstanding undergraduate freshmen.

Guo Lihong sent a message to all the freshmen on the topic of "growing up in learning and understanding in experience". He hoped that they would build a solid foundation of life with diligent study, light the road of growth with independent thinking, and expand the dimension of youth with self-cultivation. In this century-old university, students are encouraged to attentively, emotionally, and intellectually experience, understand, and grow up healthily, happily and confidently.

Wang Jianxin, faculty representative, chief scientist of Shaanxi Silk Road Archaeology Center and Professor from the School of Cultural Heritage, affectionately reviewed his original intention of choosing archaeology as his major 42 years ago. Zhang Shougang, a representative of outstanding NWU alumni, shared his learning experience, scientific research progress and understanding of the spirit of scientists with the freshmen. Fu Qiaomei, an outstanding NWU alumnus representative, researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Ancient Vertebrate and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, encouraged students to understand themselves, do a good job in the present, actively put their ideas into action and make full use of college time to work courageously and strive to become talents.

Freshmen representatives Meng Lei, undergraduate students majoring in archaeology from the School of Cultural Heritage, He Kaiyue, the doctoral student majoring in paleontology and stratigraphy from the Department of Geology, DORDEVIC UROS, the international student from Serbia, delivered speeches respectively. They expressed their yearning and expectation for the future university study and life.

The opening ceremony ended with the Northwestern University anthem.