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A Cooperation Agreement Signed by NWU and Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office

On 22nd, May, Yao Hongjuan, director of Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the deputy director, Huang Yong, visited Northwest University (NWU) and discussed about NWU’s work on international cooperation. During the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed by the two parties.

On behalf of NWU, President Guo Lihong, extended sincere thanks to the great support it has been receiving from Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office on international collaboration. President Guo particularly thanked the care and concern they gave to our foreign experts, oversea students and foreign affairs staff. NWU, he said, will work as a whole, be open-minded and attach great importance to global cooperation. In this way, our mission can be accomplished on time by a team of experts.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, the international situation is undergoing profound changes, Yao quoted President Xi’s words. On his inspection to Shaanxi Province, President Xi called on Shaanxi to develop itself to a hub of reform and opening up in inland regions. In response to the call of the time and President Xi’s instruction, Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office has worked with NWU on how to press ahead with Shaanxi’s foreign affairs in the next five years.

Over the years, NWU has worked innovatively and achieved outstanding performance and in foreign affairs.

Therefore, with the help of NWU’s think tank, the provincial foreign affairs office hopes to work with NWU to open a new chapter of opening-up and cooperation in Shaanxi Province, Yao concluded.

The Research Cooperation Agreement on the Plan for Foreign Affairs in Shaanxi Province (2021-2025) was signed by Director Yao and President Guo, representatives of the two parties at the meeting. Then, in the name of Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs, Yao donated disinfection and virus containment materials to NWU’s foreign experts and international students once again.

At the end of 2019, symposium on think tank cooperation was held by the two sides. The cooperation agreement on that matter has now been signed after half-year’s preparation. The agreement marks NWU’s efforts in serving the interests of the diplomatic work of Shaanxi Province.