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30 NWU Research Topics Have been Approved by The National Social Science Fund of China

Recently, the list for 2020 National Approved Research Topics by National Social Science Fund of China has been released by National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences. Northwest University (NWU) harvests 30 approved research projects, including 1 Key Project, 11 General Projects, 7 Youth Projects, 3 Western Region Projects, 3 Post-Fund Projects, 1 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Publishing Projects, and 1 Projects of Art. NWU, with these approved projects, ranks 24th nationwide as it keeps up the momentum of high-level development.

17 subjects such as Chinese Literature, Chinese History, World History, Archeology, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Marxism-Leninism & Social Sciences, Party History & Party Construction, Law, Linguistics, Management Studies, Statistics, Sociology, Journalism & Communication, Religion and Art, are included in NWU’s 30 approved research projects. Such academic achievements demonstrate the holistic development of disciplines in NWU as its traditional disciplines continues to play to their strength and characteristic disciplines have made significant progress.

Up to now, NWU has received funding from Ministry of Education of China (MOE) for the following research projects: one major projects of philosophy and social sciences, making NWU the only local university who received this honor in Shaanxi Province; 17 general projects of humanities and social sciences (NWU ties for the 17th place nationwide), 1 major as well as one general post-funded projects of philosophy and social sciences. In addition to the above-mentioned national projects, 2 NWU research projects have been supported by National Committee for the Cataloguing and Studying Ancient Classics in Colleges and Universities. NWU also has made remarkable achievements at provincial level as its 9 research projects of major practical problems (ranking the 2nd place in Shaanxi province) and 84 research projects of philosophy and social sciences were approved by Shaanxi province.