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NWU Wins the Shaanxi Provincial Preeminent Science and Technology Award

On March 23, the Shaanxi Provincial Government announced the recipients of the Shaanxi Provincial Preeminent Science and Technology Award. Two of the three winners of this top provincial scientific award were from the NWU community: Prof. Fan Daidi form the School of Chemical Engineering of NWU, and Prof. Hou Xun, a remarkable alumnus of this university and an academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The following NWU projects received the first prize of the Provincial Natural Science Award of Shaanxi Province: ‘Strategy and Approach to Spiroannulation’ led by Prof. Luan Xinjun from the School of Chemistry & Material Science, ‘Intelligent Interpretation Model and Optimization Theory of Color Topographic Maps’ led by Associate Prof. Xu Pengfei from the School of Information Science and Technology. The Project ‘Optical Molecular Tomography for the Early Detection of Tumors’ led by Prof. He Xiaowei won the second prize in this award.

The following NWU projects received the first prize in the Provincial Science and Technology Award: ‘Theoretical Innovation of Geothermal Evolution History Restoration in Superimposed Basin and its Application in Oil and Gas Exploration’ led by Prof. Ren Zhanli from the Department of Geology, ‘The Research, Development and Industrialization of Characteristic Nutrition and Health Food’ led by Prof. Liu Jianshu from the School of Life Sciences. The project ‘Kunlun Altun Orogenic Process and Metallogenic Background’ led by Mr. Yang Wenqiang won the second prize in this award.

This decision by the Shaanxi Provincial Government calls on science and technology personnel in Shaanxi Province to take the Academicians Hou Xun and Zheng Nanning, and Prof. Fan Daidi as role models. They should ground their work in the new stage of development, apply a new philosophy of development, and foster a new pattern of development. Scientific personnel should adhere to the strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology, education and talents, as well as follow an innovation-driven development strategy, promote the integration of industrial and innovation chains, make bigger strides in advancing high-quality development, and therefore strive to make greater contributions to the development of Shaanxi Province in the new era.