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Meeting on building China-Italy joint-venture learning institution held at Northwest University

On the morning of May 12, the meeting on the China-Italy joint-venture learning institution at Northwest University was held at the north campus. Guo Lihong, president of Northwest University, together with leaders from related offices and schools at Northwest University, attended the meeting. Professor Lai Shaocong, vice-president of Northwest University presided over the event.

All participants to the meeting fully exchanged their ideas on the planning of the launch, admission policy, publicity and other needed support for Northwest University-Salento School of Cultural Heritage and Arts (An-Le Institute for short). President Guo Lihong attached great importance to the top-level framework for building this new school. In his speech to the attendees, he called for efforts to boost innovation and reform in aspects including talent training plans, teaching models, training foreign languages. He stressed that in order to ensure the high-level development of the institute, efforts to innovate administrative mechanisms, to build an administrative team with global view, to attract leading scholars, and to integrate quality resource, are needed. The institute, he added, whose development should be in tune with Northwest University’s “Go Global” strategy, should serve as a role model for other schools at Northwest University in teaching, scientific research and talent training.

An-Le Institute is Northwest University’s first international joint-venture learning institute approved by the Ministry of Education in China. All applicants to the institute are required to take the national college entrance exam in China. The institute, with an annual plan to enroll 60 students, will welcome its first students in this fall.