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Know more about China: International Students learn from Silk Road archaeological pioneers

     On June 15, the event--“Know More about China: Archaeological Pioneers’ Journey along the Silk Road” concluded in Xi’an. Hosted by China Scholarship Council (CSC), guided by Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, the Northwest University-held event attracted over 40 international students from 19 countries at four well-known local universities.

Professor Wang Jianxin, leader of Northwest University’s Central Asian Archeology Team and also the director of Northwest University’s Centre for Silk Road Archeology, and Li Chen, senior journalist at Northwest University’s media centre, were invited as guest speakers at the event. Professor Wang and Li gave their lectures on “The Silk Road and Exchanges between Eastern and Western Civilizations” and “Dreams on the Silk Road” accordingly, where they unfold stories about how the Archeology team, following the great envoy Zhang Qian’s footprints in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD), explored the cultural heritages of ancient Central Asian people, and the history of migration and exchanges of people along the Silk Road. They concluded that the team’s enquiries into the history of the Silk Road have come into fruition, which launched a brand-new field of research. Kambarov Nasibillo and Khamdamov Sukhrob, two international students from Uzbekistan  shared their own experience of conducting archaeological research via video link.

Then all the international students to the event visited Northwest University Museum. After that, they took a tour around Xi’an Tang Imperial City Han Guang Entrance Museum where they learnt to make rubbings of eaves tiles.