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Northwest University undertook Turkmenistan Show of Shaanxi “The Belt and Road” International Student Cultural Carnival

On July 17th, the tenth show of Shaanxi “The Belt and Road” International Students Cultural Carnival was held in the Grand Tang Mall, which was themed as “Colorful Silk Road and Joyful Xi’an - Getting to Know Turkmenistan”. The carnival is organized by People’s Government of Shaanxi Province and NWU is specifically responsible for the tenth show. Lai Shaocong, vice president of NWU, person in charge of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) and other offices of Education Department of Shaanxi Province and on-site tourists enjoyed the show together.

The show started with a vigorous folk dance Enthusiastic Turkmenistan. Dressed in traditional Turkmenian costumes, the international students sang and danced, displaying their dynamic spirit and images. The dance Love Shot performed by Chinese and Korean students brought the house down. The Kyrgyzstan dance Nation on Horseback enabled tourists to better understand the local customs and practices of Central Asian countries along the Silk Road. A song named So Many People in the World by Chinese students expressed the short distance between Chinese and the rest of the world. The show ended with a Turkmenistan dance Meet at the Caspian Sea.

This event was performed jointly by international and Chinese college students, displaying the music, dance, arts, cuisine, clothing, education, tourism and traditional culture of countries and regions along the Belt and Road. It aims to create an important platform for cultural exchange and experience of “The Belt and Road” for teachers, students, citizens and tourists with Grand Tang Mall and to strengthen international understanding and promote people-to-people ties.