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The 3rd Northwest University Home-coming Day

On July 17, the third “Home-coming Day” event with the theme of “Sailing far and coming home young” was held in Chang’an campus of Northwest University. Alumni of all different grades and colleges (departments) from all over the country returned to NWU and recalled their precious memories.

The event was held in the student activity center. More than 500 people attended the meeting, including university leaders, directors of the university’s administrative offices, deans of all colleges (departments), alumni of all grades, teachers and students representatives and representatives from all walks of life. The meeting was presided over by Chang Jiang, vice president of NWU.

During the event, all the participants watched the cultural video of alumni returning to school. The director of the Office of Science and Technology introduced the key science and technology projects concerning the cooperation of Industry-University-Research. The leaders presented certificates to those who won the Best Contact of The Class, Representative Alumni for Donation and Social Caring Enterprises.

The launching ceremony of the “I love NWU·Home-coming” project was also held to further strengthen the relationship between NWU and its alumni, so as to promote mutual development. As representatives of alumni, Zhang Baofeng from grade 1997 and Xu Teng from grade 2008 delivered a speech respectively, sharing their memories and happy times at NWU and the profound influence NWU spirit had left on them after leaving the campus.

After the event, the Alumni Association arranged various activities for alumni, such as campus-visiting, aerial photo shooting, school meal, museum visiting and teacher-student symposium etc. The Alumni Association also prepared the gift bags composed of 14 items including class cultural shirt, Lantian jade seal, alumni nameplate, customized Pepsi Cola and so on. All the alumni enjoyed a joyful time in NWU.