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Northwest University Co-organized Frontier Strategy Seminar on State of Matter Regulation

From July 23 to 25, the Frontier Strategy Seminar on State of Matter Regulation, organized by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, co-organized by NWU and the Science and Technology Bureau of Zhashui County, was held in Zhashui. The opening ceremony was presided over by professor Yang Wenli from NWU School of Physics. The director of NWU Office of Science and Technology, dean of NWU School of Physics and representatives of teachers and students attended the seminar. At the seminar, Professor Yang reported the development plan of physics discipline during the “14th Five-Year” period. The experts proposed opinions and suggestions on discipline selection and refinement, faculty development, education and team construction and so on.

Wang Yupeng, leader of National Key Research of Quantum Control Quantum Information Program and former director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the purposes of holding this seminar is to understand the development of state of matter regulation in western regions and discuss how to support the formal theory in the western regions.

Chang Jiang, vice president of NWU, said that the meeting responds to our nation’s high attention to basic scientific research and is of great significance. The physics discipline of NWU has a long history and has made brilliant achievements in theoretical physics. He hoped the physics discipline will make further development in the next five years, and welcomed strategic suggestions and constructive opinions from the experts attending the meeting.