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Northwest University holds the 16th National Conference on Paleography and Sedimentology

Sponsored by Lithofacies Paleogeography Committee of Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (CSMPG), Sedimentology Committee of CSMPG, Sedimentary Geology Committee of Geological Society of China, Stratigraphical Paleontology Committee of Geological Society of China, Geology Committee of Chinese Petroleum Society, and Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), the 16th National Conference on Paleography and Sedimentary was held by Northwest University (NWU) in an online format on August 21. Professor Shu Degan in Department of Geology at NWU, who is also an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited to give the first presentation to the conference. Chang Jiang, vice president of NWU and the member of the Standing Committee of NWU Party Committee, and Professor Wang Guiwen, director of Lithofacies Paleogeography Committee of CSMPG, delivered their opening remarks at the event.

The 16th National Conference on Paleography and Sedimentology aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to discuss most recent research achievements and trends of paleogeography and sedimentology, in a bid to provide better services and technical support to energy exploration and exploitation, environmental protection, resource utilization and sustainable development. Over the years, with the great support of the SEPM, this conference has established itself as the most influential and most highly-regarded academic conference for paleogeography and sedimentary geography.

Live-streamed worldwide, the conference has attracted 22 plenary speakers and 220 seminar speakers, and received 670 abstracts. The over 13,000 online attendees are from 113 related organisations including higher institutes, research institutes and publishers.