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NWU Held the Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2021

On the morning of September 3rd, the opening ceremony of class 2021 was held in the central square of Chang 'an Campus.

The opening ceremony started with Chinese National Anthem. The attendees of the ceremony were Wang Yajie, secretary of  NWU Party Committee, Guo Lihong, president, Zhao Zuoniu, Zhang Qing and Li Bangbang, deputy secretary of NWU Party Committee, Lai Shaocong, Xi Jiami, Zhang Yuanjun, Chen Fulin, Wu Zhenlei, vice president, Tian Minggang, director of Publicity Department, Geng Guohua, the national famous teacher, Li Hao, the national outstanding teacher, and Li Jugang, the 1989 alumnus of the School of Arts and Museology and the director of the Yangling Museum of Emperor Jingdi of Han Dynasty attended the ceremony. Besides, directors and principals of Party Committee of all departments, representatives of teachers, alumni and parents and all the freshmen of class 2021 attended the ceremony. It was presided over by Lu Jianrong, deputy secretary of NWU Party Committee.

The teacher representatives Fu Aigen and Li Jugang, the 2021 freshmen representative Su Yunjun from archaeology major, School of Cultural Heritage, the PhD candidate representative Song Baopeng from paleontology and stratigraphy major, Department of Geology, and the foreign freshmen representative Monica from Mexico made their speeches respectively.