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Northwest University Holds 2021 Foreign Experts and Teachers Meeting

To better build Northwest University (NWU)’s teams of foreign experts and teachers, and provide better services to them, Northwest University held the 2021 Foreign Teachers and Experts Meeting hybriting with in-person and online model at Chang’an Campus on the afternoon of 18th September.

During the meeting, NWU’s achievements in building its teams of foreign experts and teachers were recapped. Guided by its Internationalization and Faculty Development Strategy, NWU has highlighted its progress in attracting and retaining foreign talent: synchrony between their professional background and positions have been achieved, the number of high-end experts has increased, and foreign experts and teachers are widely employeed in many schools and departments. Dr. Robin Stephen Gilbank, an expert from the UK, who is also an associate professor, and the assistant to the dean of the School of Foreign Languages, introduced the story that how he, and other members in the translation team of NWU’s School of Foreign Languages embrace the spirit of “being universal after being provincial”, and make their translations of Shaanxi literature reach the world audiences.

During the event, foreign experts and teachers attending the meeting expressed their gratitude to NWU for providing them favourable working and living conditions. Eight foreign experts and teachers attending the meeting online said they wished to reunite with their students and colleagues in China soon. School of Information Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Life Sciences and other schools and departments expressed their appreciation to all the foreign experts and teachers for their contributions.