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31 Northwest University Research Projects Approved by The National Social Science Fund of China

Recently, the list for 2021 National Approved Research Projects by National Social Science Fund of China has been released by National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences. Northwest University (NWU) harvests 31 approved research projects, including 1 Key Project, 15 General Projects, 9 Youth Projects, 6 Western Region Projects. NWU ranks 25th nationwide in the number of approved projects, marking its best performance of the recent years.

National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences has received 32,714 applied projects this year, with 5,141 or 15.71% of them approved. Among 157 projects applied by NWU, 31 or 19.75% of them were approved, which is 4 percentage point higher than the national average rate.

Out of 31 approved projects, 7 are on Chinese History, 3 Chinese Literature, 3 Archeology, 3 Library and Information Science, 2 Law, 2 Philosophy, 2 world history, 2 Studies on National Issues, 1 theoretical economy, 1 Party History and Construction, 1 Journalism and Communication, 1 Demography, 1 Sociology, 1 Political Science, and 1 Religious Studies. Such academic achievements demonstrate the holistic development of disciplines in NWU as its traditional disciplines continues to play to their strength and characteristic disciplines have made significant progress.