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NWU Professor Wang Shanjun published a monograph in China Social Science

Recently, Professor Wang Shanjun from the School of History of Northwest University published a monograph entitled The Evolution of the Nüzhen Noble Race and the Political Civilization of the Jin Dynasty in the sixth issue of Chinese Social Sciences in 2022. The monograph is one of the milestones of the National Social Science Foundations major project on the collation and study of genealogical documents of the Liao, Song, West Xia, Jin and Yuan dynasties, which is also a breakthrough in Chinese historical research and an academic gift to the universitys 120th anniversary.

China Social Science is a comprehensive social science journal under the supervision and sponsorship of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It mainly publishes the latest and most important academic research results in the field of philosophy and social science in China, and is regarded by the academic community as the highest level of comprehensive philosophy and social science journal in China.

Professor Wang Shanjun is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of History, Northwest University, and the chief expert of the National Social Science Foundation’s major project on the collation and study of Liao, Song, West Xia, Jin and Yuan genealogical documents. His research interests include Liao and Jin history, Song history and Chinese social history. He has published a number of books including Studies on Clans and Clan Systems in the Song Dynasty in the People’s Publishing House. He has published more than one hundred papers in journals such as Chinese Social Science, Historical Studies, Ethnic Studies, Studies of World Religions, Studies of Chinese History, Studies of Chinese Economic History, and Studies of Chinese Borderlands History and Geography.